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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stream this on my TV?
You will need a Chromecast (https://store.google.com/ca/product/chromecast) or Apple TV (https://www.apple.com/ca/tv/) in order to stream/cast to your TV. If you have one of these devices, there will be a cast button at the lower right of your screen once the live stream begins.
Streaming to TV from an iPhone or iPad?
If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can only stream via AirPlay to your AppleTV. To cast to your Apple TV, follow the steps here: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204289 NOTE: If you are watching the live stream from an iOS device (iPhone, or iPad) you cannot stream to a Chromecast device.
Streaming to TV from an Android/Google Device (Mobile, Chromebook)?
If you are using Android/Google-based devices, you can only cast to your TV via Chromecast. To use Chromecast, follow the steps here: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3006709?hl=en-CA
Casting a Chrome Tab on Google Chrome (Computer)?
You can also use a Chromecast device to display a Chrome tab or entire screen on your TV. To learn how, follow the steps here: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3228332 NOTE: If you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you will not be able to cast your tabs or window using Chromecast.
How do I change rooms/camera feeds while casting?
At this time, you will need to disconnect the casting/AirPlay function, switch rooms, then re-start casting/AirPlay. (You may need to try refreshing the page now too!)
In-Stream Questions
Help, I can't hear anything!
You are currently muted! To unmute: If you're on a computer, hover your mouse over the video and a 'sound' unmute icon should appear in the bottom left. If you're on your iPad, iPhone, tablet, or mobile phone, simply tap the screen to see the icon appear!
How do I switch Rooms/Camera Feeds?
There is a 'Camera' icon right next to the 'chat bubbles' icon. Click on the Camera icon and select your room! Note: Rooms open/close at various times due to the schedule of the festival, so there wont always be 2 rooms (but there will always be at least 1!)
I'm seeing 'Network Error' ?
This error is caused by a slow or intermittent internet connection. Please make sure you close all other tabs/windows, are as close to your router as possible, disconnect other devices from the network, or plug in via ethernet cable. Additionally, please test your internet speed to ensure it is at least 20mpbs. Any number below this threshold and you will experience connectivity issues.
Technical Details
How do I access the stream?
You will need to purchase a ticket to access the stream and will receive an email confirmation with details on how to register and a link to the registration page. On the registration page you will be asked to enter your email that you used to purchase your ticket, verify your account and set up a password. Once you’ve logged into the registration page, you’ll be put in a ‘waiting room’ while you wait for the broadcast to go live. Once the event starts, you will automatically be able to view the stream.
What time do I log into the stream?
On your ticket there is a time that the show will begin. You will receive an email one hour prior to the designated show time and will be able to login in at that time. We encourage you to login early to allow time to register and do any troubleshooting in advance.
What browser should I use to watch the stream?
For the best quality version of the performance, we highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari to stream this event.
What's the best way to watch the stream?
You can stream the event from your mobile device, desktop computer or laptop.
What internet speed is required to watch the stream?
A minimum 20mbps download speed is recommended for high definition viewing. If you can watch Netflix or YouTube in high definition on your wifi connection with no interruptions, you should be able to stream FanXP no problem. Please test your internet speed if you are unsure.
Can I watch on multiple devices at one time?
No, you can only use one device to stream or cast at a time.
How do I stream this on my TV?
You will need a Chromecast or Apple TV in order to cast to your TV. If you have one of these devices, there will be a cast button at the lower right of your screen once the live stream begins. You will only able to stream from iOS to Apple TV, and from Google/Android to Chromecast. No cross-device compatibility is available at this time.
I can't hear anything! Help!
If you cannot hear the audio during the stream, please click the "sound" 🔊 button located to the bottom-left of the screen. Also check that your browser tab is not muted and that your speakers are properly connected.
How does the 2020 CityFolk virtual edition work?
Thanks for your question! Although we can’t come together on the Great Lawn this year, we can connect virtually on Nov. 27 and 28 at the 2020 CityFolk Virtual Edition event. We're curating 15 original professionally-recorded concerts that will be broadcast on 2 "stages" nightly. This exclusive content is only available as part of the CityFolk Virtual Edition. During the interactive stream, you can chat with friends, engage with contests, share your CityFolk memories, test your trivia knowledge, and more!
Do I need a ticket to access the virtual event?
Yes, you will need a ticket. This is a paid event. Tickets are available for each day (November 27 and 28), or as a pass for both dates.
How do I purchase tickets?
Please click "Go Back" to return to the main screen, where you can select "Buy Ticket" for any option and complete your purchase. You will then register at the event link with your email and will be prompted to set a password for your FanXP account. Once registered, you can sign in with these credentials.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
No, tickets are non-transferable, as access to the stream will be linked to your email and phone number.
Is my ticket refundable?
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
How many tickets do I need if I am watching in a group?
You will need one ticket per device. So if you are watching together in a family room (for example), you only need one ticket as the content is streaming on one device. Please note that if you plan to participate in any contests or fan engagements, they will be under the ticket buyer who logged in.
Is the performance actually live or recorded?
To provide the best technical quality and viewing experience, performances have been pre-recorded at various venues. Please note, we have followed all guidelines set out by local authorities to ensure the health and safety of the artists, staff, and audiences.
Can I go somewhere to see shows in-person?
The event on Nov. 27 and 28 is digital-only. Currently we have no immediate plans to host in-person events for this series. The primary reason for streaming this event is to help ensure everyone’s safety, while still being able to provide a large-scale shared musical experience.
Can I watch the performances multiple times?
The stream is meant to be a shared temporal experience and will be live only during the scheduled broadcast time. Post-event access to video on demand will be available to purchase once the series is over for a short period of time.
I’m not available at the time of the stream. Can I watch it later?
The event has 2 rooms which will be running shows throughout the evening. You can switch between rooms in seconds during the stream with one click. Post-event access to video on demand will be available to purchase once the series is over for a short period of time.
I’m having issues signing in. Who can I contact?
There will be a help chat available on the event page that you can use for any issues when registering. If you've forgotten your password, simply use the reset password function and we'll send you an e-mail prompt for this.
Where is my information stored?
When you fill out the form and provide your contact information, this data is stored by CityFolk in a CRM tool called Tradable Bits. Tradable Bits complies with the Canadian PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) to ensure the protection of individual information collected is protected and secure. You can remove your information at any time by opting out.
What other features are there to the stream?
There's a global chat where you can connect with other people watching the stream, plus engagement activations such as trivia questions and banners for you to check out during the stream.